Saturday, June 24, 2023

Artists must has layout of traditional art to show power of oil painting strokes and cohesion of the harmonious field

Artists must has layout of traditional art to show power of oil painting strokes and cohesion of the harmonious field

On June 24th, a large solo exhibition called "InfiniteFORM Form" by Lan Zhenghui will be carefully unveiled at the EasterContemporaryArtSpace, a summer resort in the eastern United States!

Lan Zhenghui, with his monumental ink painting style, has won a new breakthrough in contemporary image art. There are actually not many ink and wash artists who can control large sizes well. They must have a reference layout, the power of brushstrokes, and the cohesion of the field. The essence of a hero lies in the chaos and chaos. His sense of layout helped him sweep the boundaries of traditional ink painting art and create another vast and boundless world of ink painting.

In the 1950s, nearly all American image Expressionism artists played ink and wash in the form of sketches, but their ultimate goal was still oil painting!

Although this is a cultural difference, what is important is that Eastern artists often value the inherent situation and tension of their brushstrokes, focusing on ink, while neglecting the coherence of the fusion of water and ink, as well as the occasional effects that occur! And this is precisely the tense component of ink painting!

In Lan Zhenghui's large-scale works, the layout of ink and wash showcases a rich sense of organization, just like the different timbres displayed by different instruments in symphonies! Abundant, simple, organized, and textured! The intersection of water, ink, and brushstrokes creates an artistic context that is completely different from the Eastern image!

Critic Liu Xiaochun referred to his work as' volume ink painting '. Volume quantization constitutes the volume result with faces as the layout! Lan Zhenghui's control over the ultra large standard layout, large but not loose, heavy but not stagnant, collision of calligraphy, flying strokes, infinite forms, and countless scenes!

works on display at an oil painting reproductions exhibition

Ultimate performance, infinite approximation

Lan Zhenghui's new solo custom oil painting exhibition "InfiniteForm" can also be understood as "W ú y í nzh ī X í ng is an ultimate question and pursuit of layout form.

For many years, Lan Zhenghui's genius in visual language has brought the audience into one vast visual feast after another. From layout to ink and color, Lan Zhenghui seamlessly blends various elements to create visual debate and harmony, imbuing the work with lively emotions and static energy.

Lan Zhenghui is a pure and stubborn artist. His works have a strong artistic ontology and repeatedly ask questions about visual layout and energy conversion. His works easily create a silent dialogue with the audience, allowing you to immerse yourself in it. Guide the viewer into a grand or insignificant buy oil painting artistic realm of infinite extension, inspiring them to experience beauty and self observation.

He has a good level of amateur skills. He is not only a spokesperson artist for multiple domestic high-end brands, but also a rare and difficult image that many galleries and art institutions are eager to find. Such widespread adoption and credibility are rare in the art world. He possesses strong creative skills and enthusiasm. Especially after the epidemic, invitations for exhibitions flooded in: the "Surrounding Performance" solo exhibition in Chelsea, New York in September last year, the "Collision" solo exhibition in Toronto in January this year, the "Infinite Form" solo exhibition in Lenox, USA in June, and an exhibition in Lakeside Town, Ontario, Canada in August. Heaven rewards diligence, and the three-year creative enthusiasm restrained by the epidemic will be released.

Waiting for Lan Zhenghui to bring a more unforgettable artistic experience to the audience and create more beautiful historical sites in the endless art space!

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Modern hand drawn oil paintings have extremely high collection value

 Modern hand drawn oil paintings have extremely high collection value.

Modern hand drawn oil painting is a highly collectible art form. It not only has artistic value, but also carries the significance of cultural, historical, and spiritual inheritance. Today we will analyze the collectible value of modern hand drawn oil paintings from multiple perspectives.

Firstly, the artistic value of modern hand drawn oil painting cannot be ignored. Oil painting is a technique of expression with full colors, strong layering, and rich light and shadow. Becoming one of the classics in the history of painting art. Hand drawn oil painting not only requires excellent painting techniques and aesthetic abilities, but also profound humanistic literacy and emotional experience. Modern hand-painted oil paintings that are carefully drawn not only carry the painter's thoughts and emotions, but also present an undeniable artistic value.

Secondly, the collection of modern hand drawn oil paintings also has historical and cultural significance. Oil painting, as a very important art form, is full of historical and cultural connotations. Oil paintings from different periods and regions will reflect the changes in the social environment and cultural atmosphere at that time, allowing us to have a deeper understanding of historical changes. At the same time, the themes, expressive techniques, and artistic styles in oil painting reproductions also reflect cultural differences. Therefore, collecting modern hand drawn oil paintings can help people understand the culture and history of different regions and periods.

Moreover, modern hand-painted oil paintings not only have collection value in art and culture, but also their market value has gradually attracted people's attention. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's income, more and more people are investing in the collection of hand-painted oil paintings, which creates a good environment for the market circulation and price of hand-painted oil paintings. Collecting modern hand-painted oil paintings is not only an artistic enjoyment for social groups, but also can increase personal income and exert the effect of asset allocation.

Finally, collecting modern hand drawn oil paintings requires attention to the techniques involved. Whether from the perspective of artistic value or collectible value, collecting modern hand-painted oil paintings requires careful selection. In the process of selecting a work, it is necessary to fully consider the author's background, the theme of the work, as well as the artistic style and preciousness. In addition, attention should also be paid to the preservation and display of the work, ensuring the durability and stability of its appearance and quality.

In short, the collection value custom oil painting of modern hand-painted oil paintings is undeniable, not only possessing high artistic, cultural, and even market value and beauty, but also being an important part of human cultural history. The collection of hand-painted oil paintings is a special blend of art and life, and also a recognition of the contribution to human culture.

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Artists must has layout of traditional art to show power of oil painting strokes and cohesion of the harmonious field

Artists must has layout of traditional art to show power of oil painting strokes and cohesion of the harmonious field On June 24th, a large ...